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👶 EASY CLEAN & DURABLE -  these durable bibs are waterproof, wipe clean and just keep going.... no fabric parts to become worn or disintegrate but still comfy and soft. Dishwasher safe or hand wash with the washing up - no long drying times like with fabric bibs.


👶 SUPER SOFT The New Baby Bliss 2023 colour bibs are made of super soft pliable silicone. Our bib is fitted with a comfortable adjustable neckband to grow with your baby. They can be rolled up for easy storage.

👶 DUAL PURPOSE  First of all, they are great at catching food/liquid - the catcher stays open easily due to its unique design. It also fits snuggly and is water resistant, so liquid will not soak through. SECONDLY It doubles up as a snack carrier to go! Snacks and Light meals can be stored in the large tray that holds its shape resulting in quicker mealtimes with faster and easier clean-ups.

👶 SAFE Our NEW 2023 bibs are BPA-Free, Eco-friendly, 100% Food Grade Silicone, Stain Resistant, Waterproof, and Naturally Antibacterial. Our bibs will not absorb food or water, just wipe clean!

👶 NEW 2023 Our new improved design comes with strengthened button holes which secure the bibs and make it harder for toddlers to pull it apart. Wider angle and bigger catchment area to catch falling food. Of course we offer our full 100% money back guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with our product.

Silicone Baby Bibs | Set of 2 | Super Soft Easy Clean | Set of 2 x PINK

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